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Our School


    Ed-U-College is guided by the following educational principles:

    • A child-oriented approach;
    • Proper guidance by specially selected and qualified teachers;
    • Provision of study aids and academic material that will enrich his / her environment;
    • Active involvement of the child in the learning process, to promote critical thinking;
    • To build the child’s self-confidence by following a positive approach;
    • To provide the child with a wider social exposure, contributing to his total development.
    The CAPS curriculum is presented in English. Textbooks are provided for each subject. This helps with the enforcement of our excellent and very high standards.

    Continuous assessment is done by means of worksheets, tests, tasks and oral presentations. A report card is issued during term 1,2 & 4 during the parents’ evenings to inform parents of their child’s academic progress.

    Academic News

    In 2013 a group of our learners participated in the Technology & Science Master Minds competition. We are proud to say that they came 1st.

    2014 National Curriculum Audit. Our learners are encouraged to participate in the Sasol Techno X competition which is held annually. We also entered our entire High school in a computer Olympiad and received excellent overall results.




    School Song

    May your light shine upon our school
    May your love guide our steps
    Help us only to do our best X2

    We are the future of our nation
    The Ed-U-College generation
    Help us only to do our best X3

    Thank you for this gift to learn
    As we strive for knowledge each new term

    The Ed-U-College Generation
    Help us only to do our best X3

    Let Ed-U-College help us to be
    People proud for all to see

    Ed-U-College is a non-racial, progressive, full time school. It started off as a Saturday school in 1990, offering classes to all age groups in Mathematics and English. Due to the success of the classes, Management was approached in 1991 by parents and leaders of the Vereeniging community to operate on a full time basis, and has over the past 21 years managed to establish itself, with minimum resources, as an institute of high-quality, career-orientated education.

    Ed-U-College consists of the following Phases: Grade R, Foundation Phase (Gr 1 – 3), Intermediate Phase (Gr 4 – 7), Senior Phase (Gr 8-9), FET (Gr 10-12), and presents a full curriculum of subjects. It has established itself in a short period of time with a very successful track record and high credibility. It is registered as a Section 21 Company (Non-Profit Organization)

    Ed-U-College was originally established in Pretoria during 1988 after requests by parents for enrichment courses on Saturday mornings in problem subjects such as English and Mathematics. (Worksheets developed by Clever Books over the previous years, were used for this purpose.)

    As a result of consistent requests from parents, full-time schools were established in 1991 in Vereeniging, Pretoria, Ladysmith, Qwa-Qwa, Witbank and Port Elizabeth.